Key Factors To Become Successful Miniature Model Maker

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November 21, 2020
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December 4, 2020

With rapid growth of technology miniature model making is not a passion but becomes more of a competitive business, a solid source of income if you have skill and knowledge. With different tools and different software you can be a successful miniature model maker. Miniature models are always necessary to get your design, concept right which will ultimately help designers to prove their designs to clients, government authorities and different agencies who will be handling the actual project.

Choose your scale wisely.

While making miniature model chooses the scale for the model wisely, neither model should not be too small nor should not look too big. Scale can be a key factor as it will determine the level of details to be used and ultimately it will also add up the amount of time you will invest in creating those details.

Check the availability of space 

After selecting the scale for the model you should also check the total available area in client’s office to display the miniature model. Many a time’s models are half complete and client decides to check the available space and with limited space there might be the possibility of rework which will end up adding more time to complete the final model.

Use right tools

Once you start working on the miniature model using the right tool can be deciding factor as it will clearly distinguish good model from bad model. 

Use high quality cutting tool

While preparing model there are times when you need to cut small sheet of acrylic or any other plastic material, using high quality cutting tool give you fine cut on that material. Using low quality or blunt cutter blade is very dangerous as it may slip while cutting the plastic.

Read your drawings first 

Before you start working read all the drawings which are available to you and make a list of missing drawings and send it to client. This will save time as well as all the information you will receive before start of the project.

Visualize your model 

Once you read all the drawings visualize the model how it will be created, check if any problem will occur if material is not used correctly, visualize how much time it will take to finish the same with available material and time.

Fix model correctly and neatly

Once all the parts are ready and painted make sure that model should be fixed properly to avoid any damage in the transit. While fixing use correct type of adhesives so that model should not fall apart.

Add wow factor 

Miniature models are nothing but the replica of the actual design or concept. During the process add some wow factor by showing detailing in the design, some light effect , some small part which will enhance the beauty of the model and will get the model closer to the reality.


Use of sponge, different type of cushioning material, different types of supports while packing will make the model sturdy while transporting. Model made with high quality and fines, but not considered support while transporting and ultimately end up damaging the model will be of no use to client and will hamper your reputation or goodwill. 

Dagart Solutions is having combined experience of around 50 years in the field of model making with experienced team which includes model makers, electronics engineers, mechanical engineers who can handle any kind of challenge.

Dagart Solutions is also using the latest technologies like 3 D Printing and Laser Cutting which will give client quality product. 

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