• Architectural Models

  • Architectural models can be defined as " The art and science of representing architects ideas, views of the building in miniature form which will be easily understood by common man.

    Architectural models are design representation of an architect. The idea regarding various views of a building is established in a way to comprehend for common populace too. Architectural models allow sensitive, correct building solutions to come to life which will create an interest and will also be appreciated by layman. Miniature models can also prove to be a useful sales tool when trying to sell property or development scheme to prospective client.

    Dagart Solutions offers a complete range of professional model making services and maintains a staff of Architectural model makers. Our model makers can duplicate all of the desired architectural feature of building, structures and all other landscaped surroundings to meet client needs.

  • Automotive Models

  • A model vehicle is a miniature representation of an automobile. 3D scale models in the automotive industry was primarily used by carmakers to create automotive prototypes to check their form and fit. High detail, smooth and accurate 3D scale models are very often used in the automotive industry to demonstrate designs and concepts of new vehicles, as using 3D design software models alone is not effective enough to define possible design problems. Such models are also used for the aerodynamic testing of new models. Popular among major companies in the automobile sector, Dagart Solutions offers scale models of automobiles that can stand up to any demand posed by the market.

  • Defense Models

  • With increasing involvement of private companies allowed to manufacture Defense equipments, to prove their metal 3Dmodels are used as a marketing tool it can be also used to showcase company's design capabilities and capacity. Dagart Solutions make 3D models for defense equipment manufacturer to the scale and can produce the model of the most optimal quality

  • Engineering Models

  • Many engineering and construction companies build model to demonstrate to their clients the complicated intricacies of the project . Most companies build engineering models , however, are doing so because they realize that they can achieve optimal design and construction by using scale model as a design tool. Client saves both time and money. Today every scientific or engineering discipline uses 3D models to evaluate a given design or to prove out a design before the actual end product is built.

    Regardless of involvement or the degree of sophistication of a company's model programmed, one highly significant fact is indisputable : an engineering models provides an instant 3 dimensional view of the current design status.

  • Layout Models

  • Plant Layout Models are used to establish economical and efficient use of space in manufacturing industries. Miniature model will ensure a smooth flow of raw material , semi finished goods from different department up to the shipping area. This will also give designated path ways inside and outside of the factory and will also cover hazardous area markings in different places. Model can be of an existing arrangement or a proposed new arrangement. Dagart Solutions can provide client with complete visual aid during presentation to management. Following this, it can be used as a display model to acquaint the public with the proposed construction.

  • Miniature Models

  • Miniature models are nothing but scale down representation of actual object or design represented in smaller size than the size of the actual object, also maintains relationship between all important aspects like design and aesthetics. Main objective of model is to communicate own ideas in form scale models and come out with solid solution, Dagart Solutions being the leader and pioneer of model makers in india provide excellent quality and detailing in the model.

  • Offshore Models

  • We at Dagart Solutions strive hard to recreate scale models of offshore structures and vessels right down to the last small detail. Attention to detail is a skill mandatory in the model making industry and that helps our craftsman build precise replicas of the original structure or vessel.

  • Prototype Models

  • The prototype model provides intimate exposure of the product to the engineers, designers and management during the design phase. The prototype model can be the most comforting simulation device to engineers, designers, management and customer alike because it can establish design credibility. Models can help us visualize by showing the all important third dimension. We can see the reality of spaces in height, depth, and width the relationship of forms and flow of design.

  • Ship Models

  • Ship Models aid in designing vehicles and equipments made for sea travel. Naval architects, engineers yacht designers, specialist ship designers and cargo carrier manufacturers use Miniature models of their concept to their clients. Dagart Solutions prepares ship Models with Traditional hand finishing skills and attention to details are coupled with digital technologies to produce model of most optimal quality.

  • Training Models

  • With today's high cost of labor and turnover, emphasis is being placed on training programmers . Operators mistakes are costly and no one is immune to making them. Operating personnel can be fully oriented to a new facility or equipment before the facility is placed in operation. Here training models helps to eliminate operational delays and costly errors. Today's technology has made the problem of communicating design and function to user personnel more difficult. Training models make available a better way of communicating and teaching. Training models sometimes can demonstrate the working of the product better than the actual product , it also reduces training time and operator efficiency.

    Dagart Solutions are the leader in the development and building of training models. Dagart solutions can provide you with anything from a simple full-sized product working model to a partial or complete scale model of your plant.