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Dagart Solutions has its origins in its parent company, DAGSON ART, established by Late Mr. DATTATRAYA ANANT GODSE, a professional sculpture artist from Sir J.J.SCHOOL OF ARTS, Mumbai. The chief model maker for Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Mr. Godse was blessed with a creative mind.

He possessed tremendous visualization power and infectious zeal for his art. In 1970, his biggest dream turned into reality in the form of partnership firm, the DAGSON ART in association with his sons Mr. SHARAD GODSE and Mr. MANOHAR GODSE.

DAGSON ART is known in industry circles for specializing in Architectural, Industrial as well as Engineering Plant models created with the best materials to suit the client’s best interests.

Using industrial scale models designed by DAGSON ART, entrepreneurs communicate their ideas to the minutest detail to Financers, Investors and Consultants. Always eager to take on challenges of an evolving and demanding market, DAGSON ART has marched forward to explore exciting opportunities in its professional space since the past 46 years. Today, they are the undisputed frontrunners in the field of miniatures in India.

Since time immemorial, the world has appreciated and respected India’s prowess in the exquisite art of Miniatures. Carrying forward this glorious legacy to greater heights, we at DAGART Solutions have earned the trust of clients from all over the world.

Evolution is the need of the hour in this age of rapid industrialization. A new breed of Artists and Craftsmen has emerged to fulfill this need. Dagart Solutions is a company that encourages such budding talent. Established on January 11, 2004, we craft miniatures imbibed with a modern vibe, that aid our clientele in every stage of their business.

Our scale models have proved their mettle in many fields such as Engineering, Piping, Architecture, Industry and Product Miniatures, Prototyping, Layout and Training Miniatures. The list goes on. Every project taken up by us receives complete dedication, forgoing any bias towards big or small projects. Our goal for every single project remains the same – Provide the best services and complete the project with professionalism, excellence and on time. Our model-makers strive round the clock to provide cutting edge Three Dimensional Designing Solutions that are aimed towards minimizing our client’s resources, manpower and investment. Dagart Solutions has strived hard over the years to build long lasting relationships with its clientele which includes Industrialists, Businessmen, Architects, Scientists, Professors, Students and many more.


Ensuring a seamless transition of innovative ideation into physical 3D models.


Never lose emphasis on maintaining our professional aesthetics and standards

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