For international Consignments, the dispatch is easily handled by us under our own I.E.CERTIFICATE.

With our client network spread across the world, delivery becomes a critical area of consideration for us. Delivering miniatures needs careful planning and execution as the minute parts of the miniature can suffer damage with the slightest contact.

Packaging is the first step in the delivery process. The packaging of a particular product depends on its size. If it’s large in size, different parts of the model are packed in separate boxes, along with internal protective cover. If the product is small in size, it is packed in a single package box protected with internal covering. These extra layers of protection ensure that your product reaches you safe and secure.

For the actual delivery process, we work alongside renowned freight services preferably on Door to Door Basis. Our top priority during this process is to ensure that the delivery time is kept to the bare minimum.

We have been handling global deliveries since years and are now well acquainted with the process to provide the swiftest and most client-friendly services during deliveries.